No Other Name has The Power to Save

Cross = Love Solar Designs

Which of these images is your Favourite?

1 . The Hills – Convention Centre

Cross = Love 2015-08-12 at 2.55.22 am.png


2 – Waterloo – Sydney City Campus

cross = love 100kW.png


3. Mount Gravatt – Brisbane City Campus

Cross = Love100kW Solar System Mount Gravatt Brisbane Campus.png

Please note: None of these are actual solar installations on the Hillsong Church buildings and are only images created using software. However wouldn’t it be great if they were really aerial photos?

Please comment and share if you like the idea of Cross = Love, custom solar designs.

Upcoming Trip for solarmikedudley

Monday from Melbourne to Deniliquin and beyond… following the 5 day boot camp on how we make it happen? if not – then you too can join the ride and jump on-board here… I’m heading back to UTE Muster territory where this year none other than Keith Urban will be playing in-front of an expected 18000 strong crowd. #solarizingthebush#equipedtowin